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America loves freedom, but nobody can ever agree on what the fuck it means. But the one thing we can agree on — at least the half of us who aren’t getting our “facts” from Uncle Dickey’s Freedom Fighters Facebook group — is that our collective freedom is in real danger.

Keep scrolling to learn how we can (maybe? possibly? hopefully?) save our democracy.


We need our society to be civically engaged. All our panelists touched on this, but Francisco Marquez said it best: “Democracy dies with apathy.” So, if we want to keep democracy going, it’s on us to make sure that we’re actively participating in it. Clearly voting is the most basic way to do that. It's not a huge ask — we really only have to do it as often as a man changes his bedsheets — but so many people just can't be bothered.

There's also the issue of deeply restrictive (i.e. racist) voting laws, which disproportionately impact Black and brown communities in many states. Senate Republicans recently blocked a bill that'd establish federal standards for early and mail-in voting and make Election Day a national holiday. Democrats would have to take the controversial step of ending the Senate filibuster rule in order to pass it.

Take Action

In terms of strengthening civic engagement, there are of course a million small ways one could invest in their communities and get people more involved. But one of the most fundamental ways we can be engaged in our democracy is to vote. We're surely not the first to tell you voting matters, but there's a reason people keep harping on it: It's fuuuuuucking vital.

Securing voting rights is mostly a long, wonky, unsexy process that's done on a local level. But guess who needs help? Your community. So harness your inner Stacey Abrams and get to work. Join a get-out-the-vote effort in your area, find a group in your state that's trying to fight voter suppression, or volunteer as a poll worker. Posting an "I Voted" selfie is great, but an "I kicked voter suppression's racist ass to the curb" picture is really impressive.

There are several organizations out there working to address both voter suppression and voter participation, and they're a great place to start.

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