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America loves freedom, but nobody can ever agree on what the fuck it means. But the one thing we can agree on — at least the half of us who aren’t getting our “facts” from Uncle Dickey’s Freedom Fighters Facebook group — is that our collective freedom is in real danger.

Keep scrolling to learn how we can (maybe? possibly? hopefully?) save our democracy.

Leading the charge

A lie told a million times becomes a fact.

Maria Ressa is a journalist currently facing life in prison in the Philippines after investigating President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war. She won a freaking Nobel Peace Prize and is a passionate and outspoken defender of truth. She’s the CEO of Rappler, a Filipino news organization she co-founded, and is also an absolutely delightful human. It’s well worth following her journey and continuing to support her as she fights for an independent and free press — for herself and journalists across the globe.

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