The Problem with The Economy

But I Like Them!

by Jay Jurden 2 MINUTES READ

Hello, Problem Solvers!

(That name has NOT caught on…yet.)

In our episode on the economy, we attempted to talk through the economic crisis in our country. Corporations don’t come off looking too good, since they are mooching off of the government while keeping their workers in poverty wages and creating a massive wealth divide.


    • Facebook Meta might have unscrupulous business practices, but I like them because they also own Instagram and WhatsApp! Where else can I see beach pics with useless captions and find out that coronavirus vaccine will make me impotent?
    • Amazon might be terrible, but I like them when I need soap, dog treats, paper towels, and slutty Halloween costumes!
    • Tesla and its founder Elon Musk might be manipulating the cryptocurrency market, but I like them because the doors on some of the cars go up-up like a birdy bird!
    • Wells Fargo opened up fake accounts without its clients’ knowledge, but I LIKE THEM DAMMIT because they have a branch very close to my apartment, and it is a hassle and a half to get a new bank.
    • Apple? Well, Apple is doing great. No notes. Seriously can’t say enough nice things.

Jay Jurden is a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer originally from Mississippi. In his spare time he likes to scream about the New York City subway system.