The Problem with The Economy

How to make our economy more fair


Go straight to the top

To fix our economy, we just need to reorient our priorities as a country, redirect money to actual people instead of corporations, and build a robust social safety net. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Ok, fine, this stuff is extremely difficult difficult lemon difficult.

But it’s not completely impossible. There are plenty of bottom-up solutions to push for that could make things just a little more fair. Unions and other labor organizations are a key element in this fight, for instance, though it’s not always safe or possible for workers to organize in every place. The truth is that government action — like regulations, social welfare programs, etc. — remain the best top-down solution to redistributing power.

“We need a care infrastructure.”

So what should we demand our government do first, since they are theoretically supposed to be representing we the people? Panelist Amy Jo Hutchison said it perfectly: “We need a care infrastructure.” That would not only lift a considerable burden off of those in poverty, it would also empower workers to push for better conditions and wages. It’s not socialism; it’s common sense.

The small glimmer of good news is that the pandemic has given many workers a rare upper hand since the demand for labor has grown so high. The Biden administration has also taken some steps toward expanding the social safety net. But these changes may not last forever. So we still have a loooooong way to go before we’re all guaranteed to be able to feed our families and Elon Musk stops trying to colonize Mars and settles for a summer home in Scottsdale.

Places to start

Obviously you can and should continue to tell your local and state representatives that you’re in favor of specific policies which give money to people and not companies. There are also a ton of great organizations pushing to make our economy better for everyone. Fight for $15 is a great example. They’re working to raise the federal minimum wage.

Fight for $15

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