Season 1
Episode 4

Domestic violence affects one out of every four women in this country. It is deadly not only for those who are abused but also for law enforcement called to intervene — and that’s thanks mostly to guns. If we took guns away from people who have a history of domestic violence, we could make a big dent in gun deaths.

So why haven’t we done it? Scroll down to dive in.

The law exists, so let's enforce it

Guns are everywhere. We probably won't ever be able to get rid of them entirely, but that doesn't mean there aren't ways to make sure fewer people die from them. One of the most clear-cut things we can do is to take them away from bad guys. In this episode, we learned that there's one particular group of bad guys who are responsible for a whole lot of gun deaths: people who commit domestic violence.

In fact, virtually everyone agrees that DV offenders shouldn’t have guns. There’s already a federal law, known as the Lautenberg Amendment, that says just that! Unfortunately, it’s wildly out of date, and it has a bunch of dangerous loopholes. But one serious issue with it is that it doesn’t specify how you’re actually supposed to remove the guns from abusers.

In many places, even where there are state laws that require DV offenders to relinquish their weapons, there’s no system in place to make sure these guns get handed over to law enforcement. That leaves these places essentially operating on an honor system. Anyone who has ever left a bowl of Halloween candy on their steps with a "Please take one!" sign knows how well that works.