The Problem With Guns

How to Reduce Gun Violence


When it comes to gun violence, Americans don’t agree on much. But as we learned in both our Guns and Crime episodes, one of the few things we are on the same page about is that there are common sense steps we can take to reduce harm. Putting basic regulations in place to make guns trackable and traceable and keeping guns out of the hands of people who commit domestic violence are both things that would have concrete effects on lessening gun violence. The best place to start, as activist and survivor April Ross said on our Guns episode, is at the community level. Look for organizations tackling domestic violence or gun violence in your community — like the RISE project in New York City. There are some great national organizations as well:

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence and Firearms

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Giffords Law Center

Brady: United Against Gun Violence

Everytown for Gun Safety

The Trace