Funny Shit

Great questions!

by Kris Acimovic 1 MINUTE READ

Here is a sampling of the many thoughtful viewer questions we received after our Freedom episode aired:

Why didn’t the freedom show mention Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness or the social contract?

Why didn’t your show about the fragility of democracy touch on voter suppression efforts by state legislatures?

How did the show talk so much about Hitler and not ever mention his big juicy titties?

Why did Jon ignore the facts about the vaccine being a form of population control designed by Bill Gates?

Why didn’t Jon talk about Hitler’s charity work?

How can you preach about freedom but put your show behind a paywall?

Did you guys mean to make the lady’s point about the saxophone because I think you actually made the lady’s point about the saxophone?

How come you guys didn’t interview Mel Gibson? Too much Hitler talk already?

How come nobody in the audience got to win a Vespa?

Does Putin have big juicy titties?

Kris Acimovic is a staff writer on the show. She grew up in Boulder, CO and she absolutely does not ski.