Season 1
Episode 7
The Media

Cable news seems to believe it’s the protector of freedom and democracy — but what they are airing is often more speculation and entertainment than actual news. It’s a very broken system driven by ratings, which is a real problem since we need it to keep our democracy in good health.

So how do we change the way we cover news to make it more about quality journalism and less about EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS TUNE IN NOW OR YOU’LL BE SORRY?

The media makes for an easy scapegoat for people all across the political spectrum, but the truth is that the media still matters — and it’s essential to maintaining our freedoms. (Remember? ) Good journalism can hold people in power accountable, tell important stories, and connect us all in ways that keep our society informed and functioning. So the big question, then, is why is it so hard for the media to give us news we can actually use?