Funny Shit

You might be the problem if...

by Kris Acimovic 1 MINUTE READ

You might be the problem if…

  • You love playing devil’s advocate
  • You only got vaccinated so you could go to Hawaii
  • You’ve told over 3 people about your cast iron skillet

You might be the problem if…

  • You were excited to hear Cruella de Vil’s side of the story
  • You’re very vocal about how you “hate drama and that’s why you don’t get along with females”
  • You call yourself a “truth-teller” or a “freethinker”
  • You quote Braveheart to make a point about America
*No judgment if you are part of the problem! Awareness is the first step towards a solution!

Kris Acimovic is a staff writer on the show. She grew up in Boulder, CO and she absolutely does not ski.